Living at my Twitworld

Since 3 years ago I had been living on the , and I learn that it’s not and easy world; the first thing is that u only have 140 characters to express what u feel, sometimes is easy, but for my own experience I learn that sometimes u need more XD. The second challenge is in which language u’ll will tweet, well ok not everybody have to make that choice, and for me wasn’t a tough choice I decide to practice my english so, i tweet in english. The third challenge is “who I should follow”, well i decide to follow ally my favorite celebrities and my personal friends to start (well i also have to convince my friends to join into twitter) then in a progress I had been following interesting people that share my personal interest or people that I met on twitter reunions or even a few recommendations; so I end it up with a cool mix on my TL.

As I said on my already 3 years, I met a lot if people that now are also my friends in the 1.0 (as people called on my TL).

Live on my TL is one of the most fun things that I do, even when my friend & family sometimes worry about my mental sanity, just ’cause they can’t see why I’ve so much fun.


Living at my Twitworld

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