2 lives or a 2.0 life?

Live 2 lives is complicated, no matter how much u try to hide it, will be always out, but it’s more easy to have a 2.0 life, it’s just being yourself and leave your print in the 2.0 world, nothing to hide and a lot of fun on the way if u know how to do it. For me  it’s fun to share my 2.0 life with million of different people, and to be able to met people around the globe that had the same interest that I have or maybe help someone else with something that I’m are good at.

my 2.0 life
a little bit of me

I really enjoy to share a little bit of what i like, so that’s why I use:

· TWITTER: the place where I share my random thoughts and find some crazy friends to hang out. U can follow me at @adrinila

· TUMBLR: I reblog what I like the most, but be careful some days, my post will make u hungry, I’m a huge nutella Addict. Follow my Adrinila’s world

· PINTEREST: I’m in love of boards so pinterest was a perfect place to pin my beloved taste and keep them organize. Repin my pins Adri’s Boards

·WORDPRESS:  I  decide to put my mind in order and try to create a “Blog” as u can’t see it’s hard for me to write a post, but hey!, at least I’m trying.

Well u also have to be careful of what u do in your 2.0 life ’cause some people could it be mean and dangerous, but that’s up to u ’cause u have to know, like in real life who’s good to follow and who is NOT; so have fun out there, find your place in the 2.0 world.

2 lives or a 2.0 life?

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