This is the start of a new beloved book. my sister ( @jannylb ) in our love for all the actors & actresses that gave live to our beloved characters on “Harry Potter”, told me this morning that Emma Watson (for us we just need to say Emma) will be in a movie calle “the perks of being a wallflower” and that she likes to read the book before watch the movie, so I search the trailer first, and I like it, so I search the book to read it too. I have to say that I’m a fast reader, but I’m reading this one, in a really slow mood, but just because i like it so much, that I want to see it all!. This book written by Stephen Chbosky, is a bestseller!; that everyone should read it, ’cause we all can feel related with it in one way or another. BTW I’m only in the page 50 of 230 so, I have to go back to the book to see what will happens on Charlie’s life!.



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