Sunday Tutorials

On Sunday I love to stay in bed, the whole day, doing nothing, except maybe, watching videos on YouTube. it’s really amazing how you decide to watch just one video and at the end, you realized that u saw more than ten; so what kind of videos I watch on Sunday?, well I love to watch the beauty tutorials.
Tips about hair, make-up, fashion, and of course NAILS (I’m crazy about nail art), are my favorite videos, so I decide to share “my subscriptions” with you all, in case that you like Tutorials.
For Braids LOVERS:
– Cute Girls hairstyles: Mindy is a mom of 6, that loves to do hairdos to heir daughters; and she also have some other channel about “Mom’s tips”, and even they have a “Daddy’s Do”, so CHECK THEM OUT!, I’ll leave u the link here: CUTE GIRLS HAIRSTYLES

– Glitter Becca (SPANISH): Rebeca, is a friend of mine, that loves to share her tips about make-up (how to use it, what to buy), DIY, packing tips, hair tips, nails, and more. It’s fun and I love to watch her videos, so CHECK THEM OUT GLITTER BECCA

– The Persianbabe: a chic lady from across the pond, that loves fashion and make up tips; she’s very preppy, so check her out THE PERSIANBABE

– Pack A Punch Polish: I love her nails art tutorials, and she have many ideas of how to create a fun manicure. Check her out PACKAPUNCHPOLISH

I hope that u could find some fun tips to use, or that u share with me your favorite youtube channels.

Sunday Tutorials

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