Today I saw …

… a bunch of happy faces; happy faces that remind me that I should be there too, and makes me sad!.


Today is one of those days when I feel weird (well I should say that I feel weird almost all the time), and it’s just because those happy faces.

Since I left law school, and started this new path, it has been a good thing ’cause I feel more secure and I feel free to do, and near to my goal (graduate from college); but today is “law school graduation day” and that reminds me that I should be there.

Seeing their happy faces, remind me that I couldn’t reach that goal (graduate from law school) and kind of makes me feel dumb and sad.

I’ll continue this new path, that shows me that I could and that I’ll reach my final goal, and just forget law school for good. But I don’t know how fast, I could do that.

Today I saw …

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