I was a Queen.

Once upon a time I was a Queen, living in a wonderful pink world with my lovable King.

Nothing more amazing than holding his hand while we walked in our garden; the way that he looked at me, full of love and happiness, and the way he said he loved me till the moon and back.

Wonderful days were those when I took his face in my hands and said that he was the best thing that happened to me … or the way that I liked to see him sleep in my arms.

Oh! the memories of those days make me feel so happy. He made me his Queen and I couldn’t hide my smile, and I made him my King to see him shine.

Today my King is far away, and I can’t call him like that anymore. All those beautiful days are just memories now. I’m not longer his Queen.

It’s not easy to lose it all: my King, our Kingdom, and our LOVE.

I was a Queen.

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