The Cheapest way to Frame a Canvas


framed boat pic

This project takes me back to my High School days when we stretched our own canvases and framed them ourselves for school assignments. This is the absolutely cheapest way to frame a piece of art, without having to get a frame.

screen molding measurements

Get yourself a piece of screen molding at the hardware store. They are less than $3 for 8 feet.

screen molding

They look like this from the front.

unframed boat picture

Get your unframed art.

lining up the trim

Hold your trim up to your painting and draw a pencil mark on the underside.

hacksaw for the trim

I used a little hack saw to cut the trim. I cut the top, then the bottom so it didn’t break and snap into a rough edge.

Tiny nails

I used these tiny nails.

nailing in the trim

They are tiny nails, so be careful not to hit your fingers. You can use a needle nose pliers to get started if it helps.

boat picture

Nail the side down, then do the…

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The Cheapest way to Frame a Canvas

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