I do stupid things …

I shouldn’t admit that I sometimes do stupid things, but in my 28 years old, I could say that I did a lot of stupid things and I’m not regret any of them, they make me who I’m right now, that turns me into this roller coaster person and it’s wonderful.

How do I know if i’m doing something stupid? well that’s is simple, u’ll feel it: the next morning, after u press send, when u hang up, or when u are walking or running in the opposite direction; u know that u make a mistake, but at the moment u’ll deny it and find a perfect excuse to explain your actions, and no it’s not only u that make so many mistakes, everyone do at least 2 stupid thing in a day, it’s just that u like me over think the situation and that’s what makes u feel awful.

Do this stupid thing path will ever end? of course, you just try to manage your emotions, think more about what do u want and less on whatever the other people will think about you and your actions, and u’ll feel that the choices u make will be less stupid, just because u will believe in them instead of doubt about your every move.

So in conclusion, don’t make stupid things anymore from now on, just do the thing that u believe in no matter what and u’ll not regret them.

I do stupid things …

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