“Sometime you gound your path in a way that you never thought about.” 

In my second year of college I decide to participate in a debate team called MOIT (Modelo de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo) ’cause I was decided to do something else and fun with my classmates. This team soon became into my college family and a great way to learn a lot of stuff about the International Labor Organisation (ILO).

This team also have a inside project called COMUNIMOIT, where we teach about debate (rules, how to study, and more) and after a year on this proyect, the lider of our team decided to gave me thr oportunity to be the COMUNIMOIT COORDINATOR.

So this year had been busy because it’s not and easy task to coordinate    our proyect, but till now has been a once in a life time experience!. The kids of the communities are so talented and smart, and all the volunteers are so dedicated and hard workers that it’s a blessing to work with them (even when we have our little troubles once in a while) and we are making that this proyect could grow and grow in this year and the years to come.

If someone ask me: “what’s to be a COMUNIMOIT COORDINATOR?” I will say that: it’s not an easy thing to do, but the rewards are priceless.


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